The Business App Walkthrough

The above video is a walk-through of the Business App to help you understand the value of its capabilities and features. Within the app, you can manage all of your business’s digital marketing. This video will give you a complete overview of the app and how to utilize the different products and services we have available to help you grow your business.

  • It’s a place to keep your business information, like hours of operation, in-sync across the web.
  • You can manage your online reviews and social media here.
  • There’s automatic reporting to better understand how your business is performing.
  • Plus access to additional turn-key solutions.

How to Setup the Business App

  1. First, you must connect your Google My Business and Facebook accounts. This unlocks the key features of this app.
  2. You can also connect your Google Analytics which provides you with detailed website reporting.
  3. Within just a few seconds of connecting your accounts, you’ll uncover insights into how your business is performing online. Navigate back to the dashboard to see data already in your Marketing Funnel. This shows you the total impressions, engagements, and leads your business has garnered over a specified period of time. These numbers are fed from connections you’ve made as well as apps and services you may have active. These metrics are CRUCIAL for you to follow as this is what drives revenue and growth for your business.
  4. You’ll also see a card with all of your business information. This information should always be accurate and up to date.
  5. Below the marketing funnel is the Customer Journey. This funnel shows the steps your customers take to becoming advocates of your business. Each piece of the funnel: Awareness, Findability, Reputation,  Conversion, and Advocacy, shows tactics to reach people and drive acquisition. The more advocates you have, the more revenue you can earn through loyal customers.
  6. By clicking any of the buttons available in the funnel description, you’ll be taken to a premium product that allows you to take action on that step in the funnel.

Included with your app are great tools for managing your reviews and online reputation with Reputation Management; Communicating with your customers and requesting reviews with Customer Voice; Syncing your business information across the web with Listing Builder; Scheduling social media posts on multiple networks from one place with Social Marketing; Monitoring your online advertising campaigns with Advertising Intelligence; plus, sell online with Website Express — seamlessly transition your business online with this one-click eCommerce ready solution.

Click on any tool to get started and learn more:

See how your business is performing online over time with the Executive Report. Here, you’ll see a roll-up of data about your business online that reveals how you’re improving across the web. Each section will get more insights as they are collected each week.

Finally, if you’re looking for any other business solutions, you can browse the products and services we have available in the store.

You’re now ready to start managing your digital presence! Save your app to a bookmark so you can come back at any time.

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