Social Marketing Walkthrough

Social media is hard to manage on your own. You need to come up with a non-stop stream of relevant content, build up social audiences, and engage with customers across all social channels, every single day. You know that social media is important for your business, but you need help. This is where the Social Marketing App comes in.

Social Marketing gives your business one place to stay social. It gives you the power to generate leads, communicate with followers, and post to all your social media pages at once. It makes it easy to coordinate and schedule posts, and comes with a bank of engaging ready-to-publish content. Social Marketing makes managing social media simple.

How it Works

  • When you arrive in Social Marketing, you will land on the Social Marketing dashboard. This is the place where you can see, at a glance, everything social. We’ve identified three important features that matter most.
  • First, you can view your upcoming scheduled posts and click view more to be taken to the Upcoming Scheduled Posts Page where you can see more details.
  • The second aspect is your top-performing posts. View the reach and engagement at a glance and click view more to access more in-depth post statistics.
  • The third aspect of the dashboard is your most recent customer posts. Customers who haven’t been responded to will appear here. Click view more to see all and respond to customers.
  • There are two ways you can compose a post from the dashboard in Social Marketing: You can click “compose” in the top bar  OR you can click on the floating red bar in the corner.
  • When you open the social marketing composer, you can start by selecting your desired networks. Save the networks you post to often as your defaults. Write your post in the text box adding any emojis and links as necessary. You can also input interesting content from an RSS feed. To get more engagement on your posts, add some media. Upload your own photos or video OR click to access the media library. Choose a free stock image or a gif.
  • The last step is choosing when you want to post. Choose between posting this social post now or in the future. You also have the ability to save the post as a draft to finish later.

Other Features

  • Recent Posts – See all of the posts that have been connected to your recent social accounts, whether you posted them through Social Marketing or not. See at a glance how the posts have performed, delete them, or click to see the post on the specific network.
  • Scheduled Posts –  This is where you can see all upcoming posts and make changes before they are live.
  • The calendar tab is a great way to view your posts, both recent and scheduled. Choose to view by month, week, or day. This feature is a great way to visually see your social strategy.
  • Customer Posts – Here is where you’ll find any comments or posts that followers have made on your connected social networks. Choose to either dismiss a comment or respond.
  • Leads – This tool will help you find new customers. Setup a lead search by clicking to add a new lead search. Next, choose keywords that are relevant or unique to your business. Lead searches are conducted through Twitter, which allows you to get really specific in terms of geography. This feature will only surface results within 25 miles. Click to preview the search and save these leads if they seem appropriate. Now when you click on the Leads tab, results from this very relevant search will appear. This is the perfect opportunity to respond if it seems appropriate (i.e. happy anniversary).  If the lead doesn’t seem to fit, simply click dismiss.
  • Content – Here you can find a stream of relevant and interesting content to post. You can click “search” to find existing RSS feeds to pull from.  Choose from a list of industries or type a relevant topic. You can also add your own RSS feed if you have a blog.
  • The Overview tab gives you a quick high-level look at your social audience.
  • On the Link Performance tab, you can get a better understanding of how your links are performing. See how many people have clicked the link and from which networks.
  • The Post-Performance tab gives you a very detailed view of how your posts are performing on a variety of networks. You can choose to look at all networks together or toggle between the different networks to get network-specific data. You can also look at each post specifically. Use this data to better understand how your posts are performing and how to adjust your strategies.
  • The Lead Responses tab allows you to craft better responses to better help you respond to leads. Click add, and create a quick response. You’ll now be able to use this prepopulated response when responding to leads to help speed up the process.

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