The Customer Journey

Local Business Online Toolkit

How do local businesses attract new customers? The new Customer Journey panel on the Business App dashboard represents the key stages that people go through to become your customers. It is intended to help you understand each stage and to provide tactics to improve your current and prospective customers’ experience at each stage of the process.

The Customer Journey is composed of 5 steps, explained in detail below. Upon logging into the Business App, you will see the introductory frame explaining the Customer Journey. Click Get Started for a walkthrough of each stage. You can also click on each stage individually to view more information.

Each section contains a key workflow that you can do to improve your customer journey. If there is an applicable product activated on the account, there will be a call to action which you can immediately take steps to improve that specified stage of the customer journey.

Customer Journey


The first step in the Customer Journey concerns what you can do to increase your audience within your local market. At this step, we recommend that you maintain an active presence and connect with your current and potential audience on social media.

CTA: Users with an active Social Marketing product can click Make a Post to launch the Social Marketing composer.


Potential customer may be aware of a business, but if they can’t find consistent and accurate information about the business online, they’re less likely to become customers. This step recommends that you keep track of your online listings and business information, like hours of operation, address, and contact information, and ensure that the information is up to date wherever its found.

CTA: Users with an active Reputation Management product can click Where am I found today? to view and verify the accuracy of your current business listings across the web. Alternatively, users can click Update my business information to edit your location, hours of operation, and contact information in Business App.


Potential customers frequently use online reviews to guide their purchase decisions, particularly when deciding among competing businesses. This step recommends that you respond to reviews frequently in order to rank above your competitors in online search and improve your ratings online.

CTA: Users with an active Reputation Management product can click Respond to My Reviews to view and respond to your most recent reviews on sites like Facebook and Google.


Having an informative and up-to-date website is crucial for helping customers find your business and learn more about your products and services. When people easily find, contact, and buy from a business online, they’re far more likely to become customers. This step recommends that you edit and update your existing website to reflect your current offerings and provide relevant information to your customers.

CTA: Users with an active Listing Distribution product can click Edit My Website to create or update your current My Listing page with relevant business information.


A local business’s best advocates are happy customers. This step recommends that you reach out to previous customers for reviews to improve your overall star rating on popular review sites and help inform the purchase decisions of other potential customers in your local market.

CTA: Users with an active Customer Voice product can click Email My Customers to create a request for reviews that you can send to past customers.

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